Welcome. I'm John Dennison, the face behind Dennison Management Group.

Some people know me as a lawyer. Others as a consultant. Still more as a life coach, peacemaker or spiritual teacher. I'm all of these, and more.

I empower individuals to build a life that serves them -- and the world.

Dennison Management Group (DMG) is the entity through which I do that. It is a social enterprise (a for-profit company with a core social purpose) operated with my family.

For a long time it was just consulting.  But over time it became the hub of all my projects, where I provide the consulting and training that makes them all hum.  Let me tell you about them.

PeaceOptions is a self-help library on awakening to your inner world and using it to find and create peace in your time.

MissionLaunch is about the consciousness of making a difference, and calling servers to act upon the guidance of their inner voice.  My goal is to move them from simply thinking about the idea that's been given them and work to actually bring it into reality.  There I focus on the inner aspects of contribution, and overcoming the inner obstacles that stop them, and offer consulting to guide their efforts to do so.

I shouldn't forget WhisperZone, where I started my inner teaching and then published Whispers in the Silence.  It's now being refurbished to reflect those teachings.

And of course, Red Pill Chronicles is where I've consolidated much of my outreach and deliver this message of awakening to the world.

Last but certainly not least is DennisonLAW, which you can find at eJustice.net, the online home of our virtual law firm, where we shed light on the legal issues of your life and how to bring more choice and possibility to your affairs.

Then again, you're here at our parent site, which is the home and hub for all of our services.  Here we focus on building your business and addressing the things that get you down and hold you back.

Whatever is impacting your affairs, we've got an approach that's hopefully  right for you.

I hope you'll check them out. Maybe you'll find something that can help with whatever's going on in your life.

If you need more, give me a call at 954.324.7353, or schedule a free consultation today through the link below.